Weekday Practice Schedule

Weekend practice schedule

The 2017 weekday practice schedule will resume January 2, 2017.  Have a great holiday!

Your weekday practice time will remain consistent throughout the season.

College Coaches: If you would like to attend practices please contact Michelle

2017 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 2017
18EA X X 6:30-9pm 6:30-9pm X 18EA
18EM X 5-7:30pm X 7-9:30pm X 18EM
17EA X 7-9:30pm 5-7:30pm X X 17EA
17EM 7-9:30pm X 7-9:30pm 7-9:30pm X 17EM
17/18EA X 7-9:30pm 7-9:30pm X X 17/18EA
16EA X 7-9:30pm 7-9:30pm 7-9:30pm X 16EA
16EM 5-7:30pm 7-9:30pm 7-9:30pm X X 16EM
16EN 7-9:30pm 7-9:30pm X 7-9:30pm X 16EN
15EA X 7-9:30pm X 7-9:30pm X 15EA
15EM 7-9:30pm X 7-9:30pm X X 15EM
15EN 7-9:30pm 7-9:30pm X 7-9:30pm X 15EN
14EA X 5-7:30pm 5-7pm 5-7:30pm X 14EA
14EM 5-7:30pm X 5-7:30pm 5-7pm X 14EM
14EN 5-7:30pm X 5-7:30pm 5-7pm X 14EN
14EG 5-7:30pm X X 5-7pm 5-7:30pm 14EG
14TI X 5-7pm 5-7pm X 5-7pm 14TI
13EA X 5-7pm X 5-7pm 5-7pm 13EA
13EM 5-7pm 5-7pm X 5-7pm X 13EM
12EA X 5-7pm 5-7pm X 5-7pm 12EA
12EM 5-7pm X 5-7pm 5-7pm X 12EM
12TI X 5-7pm X X 5-7pm 12TI
10s 5-7pm X X X 5-7pm 10s